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Update to 12.64
by God Zaels
God Zaels
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Update to 12.64

Hello MorgarOT! Starting next server save the server will be updated to version 12.64 it will be necessary to re-download the client, it has always been one my priorities to keep the server updated and this is necessary to add the newest stuff in the future. After the update the following changes will be made available. Don't forget to save your hotkeys/options by going to settings --> misc --> help --> export all options.

-Released Rune Master Outfit (Available in TC Store)

-Fixed some issues with Hunt Analyzer

-Fixed bug with hotkey action bar

-Added Rascoohan outfit to store

-Added Rift Watcher, Void Watcher and Rune Watcher to store

Download Here

You can now drag items and spell icons from your spell list to the hotkey bar for easier configuration

New Outfit

Hotkey Bar

11.03.21 19:20:23
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on 12.03.21 13:09:47

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